Evaluating Free Software wxWidgets GUI Builders | Designers [Update]

10.08.2006 at 16:04

I am currently *trying* to write a cross platform gui frontend for qemu. I have chosen to use the C++ toolkit wxWidgets, mostly because it is written in C++ and therefore object oriented, other advantages are that on linux it uses gtk+ and it has good support for M$ Windows.

Since i don't want to mess around with basic things like the placement of the various gui elements, i looked around for a wxWidgets capable RAD tool. Below is a list with what i found so far.

After a _short_ evaluation my first impression is that wxglade is not quite there yet feature wise. wxDev-C++ is impressive but depends on Dev-C++ and is therefore only available on Windows. wxFormBuilder seems to be cross platform can generate both xml resource files and C++ source code which satisfies my needs.

So right know i think wxFormBuilder is my favorite but that could change once i start using it for a longer time.


I found wxGuiBuilder which is quite neat, the main idea is to represent the GUI with a few simple relatively easy recognizable ascii symbols. The advantage is that there is no XML and no IDE needed in order to build a good gui.


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