abduco provides session management i.e. it allows programs to be run independently from their controlling terminal. That is programs can be detached - run in the background - and then later reattached. Together with dvtm it provides a simpler and cleaner alternative to tmux or screen.

abduco is in many ways very similar to dtach but is a completely independent implementation which is actively maintained, contains no legacy code, provides a few additional features, has a cleaner, more robust implementation and is distributed under the ISC license.

Demo showing abduco+dvtm

abduco+dvtm demo



Either download the latest source tarball with sha1sum

5dc3eaaa8d6ea54e22378468652dc9b4bb759641 abduco-0.6.tar.gz

compile and install it

$EDITOR config.mk && make && sudo make install

or use one of the distribution provided binary packages:


In order to create a new session abduco requires a session name as well as an command which will be run. If no command is given the environment variable $ABDUCO_CMD is examined and if not set dvtm is executed. Therefore assuming dvtm is located somewhere in $PATH a new session named *demo* is created with:

$ abduco -c session-name

An arbitrary application can be started as follows:

$ abduco -c session-name your-application

CTRL-\ detaches from the active session. This detach key can be changed by means of the -e command line option, -e ^q would for example set it to CTRL-q.

To get an overview of existing session run abduco without any arguments.

$ abduco
Active sessions (on host debbook)
* Thu    2015-03-12 12:05:20    demo-active
+ Thu    2015-03-12 12:04:50    demo-finished
  Thu    2015-03-12 12:03:30    demo

A leading asterisk * indicates that at least one client is connected. A leading plus + denotes that the session terminated, attaching to it will print its exit status. A session can be reattached by using the -a command line option in combination with the session name which was used during session creation.

$ abduco -a demo

Check out the manual page for further information and all available command line options.

Improvements over dtach


You can always fetch the current code base from the git repository.

git clone https://github.com/martanne/abduco.git
git clone git://repo.or.cz/abduco.git

If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, a bug report, a patch or something else related to abduco then write to the suckless developer maling list or contact me directly mat[at]brain-dump.org.


abduco is licensed under the ISC license.