dwm-win32 is a port of the well known X11 tiling window manager dwm to the Microsoft Windows platform.

It tries to bring the suckless philosophy and the principle of dynamic window management to Windows systems.

I started this project because I had to work in a mostly Windows dominated environment and wanted the same kind of flexiblilty I expected from my various *nix systems. However dwm-win32 is still in early development and has still some serious bugs. As I no longer work in the before mentioned windows dominated environment I currently don't have a desire to further develop it. So I'm spending my spare time on other projects.

News / Download


You can always fetch the current codebase from the git repository.

git clone git://repo.or.cz/dwm-win32.git

If you have comments, suggestions, ideas, a bug report, a patch or something else related to dwm-win32 then write to the dwm maling list or contact me directly mat[at]brain-dump.org.


Either use the pre compiled exe files which are linked under the News / Download secition or download the source and compile it with MinGW and MSYS.

$EDITOR config.mk
$EDITOR config.h
make install

You should now be able to start dwm-win32, redirect stderr to a file if you want to see when something goes wrong.


The configuration of dwm-win32 is done by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source code. See the default config.h as an example adapting it to your preference should be straightforward. You basically define a set of layouts and keys which dwm-win32 will use. There are some pre defined macros to ease configuration.

Because this is all pretty similar to X11 dwm you might find it's customization page useful.


Below is a screenshot which shows dwm-win32 in action.

dwm-win32 screenshot


Below are some links which are in one way or another related to dwm-win32.


dwm-win32 obviously reuses some code of dwm and is released under the same MIT/X11 license.