New dvtm and dwm-win32 Releases - Future Openmoko Related Activities

Long time no blog post, sorry about that but I was again rather busy. Quite a lot actually happened in the meantime. I passed my BMS exams and will now try to successfully take the Passerelle which would allow me to study at an university. Because of this I left my current employer and will focus on school. Most of the preparation for this supplementary exam is actually done in a self-studying manner which means it requires quite a bit of discipline. Well we will see how this works in practice. A possible advantage of this type of learning is that I will be much more flexible in my time planing. I therefore hope that will find a bit more time to spend on my opensource related activities.


dvtm is actually in quite good shape and mostly in maintenance mode. The latest release dates from last week.


dwm-win32 a port of the X window manager dwm to MS Windows which I wrote about in my last blog post. It’s basically in a proof of concept stage and I currently don’t plan to further develop it. Checkout the project page for further information.


I hope that I can finally start to contribute in one way or another to the openmoko project.

As a first step I would like to implement a minimal boot menu which is based on a small Linux system. It’s basically a stripped down kernel with an initramfs which contains a minimal C library like uClibc. The goal is to make this boot as fast as possible and then start a regular user space application which reads all available partitions of the SD card, searches for kernels and finally presents a nice looking boot list. The selected kernel will then be started via kexec.

That’s the plan anyway, we will see if and how usable this actually works in practice.

That’s all for now. Hope the next blog post won’t take another 4 months to get written.