Pong -- Status Update

Ok long time no post, the past few months were rather busy. In retrospect it turns out that it wouldn’t have been necessary to spend that much time studying. Anyway I passed my exams quite comfortably.

Now I’m back working at a MS centered company till November. By then I will have to go to military service for basic training. Superfluous to say that I’m rather skeptical and think it’s a pointless and wasteful exercise. Anyway because of this obligatory gap year, I will ‘lose’ yet another year before I can start my computer science studies at ETHZ.

Random project status updates

I finally had some time to hack on my projects, released a new version of ciopfs which fixes some bugs. I was positively surprised (or scared?) that apparently perforce links to ciopfs in one of their knowledge base articles.

Furthermore, I gave my Freerunner some long deserved attention and released a new version of qi-bootmenu. Sent some trivial patches upstream to the enlightenment folks and lost some more hairs while dealing with the mystery that is called configure scripts.

There is also a new dvtm release, which brings some usability improvements.

Random rumblings

Stumbled over this hilarious diagram which shows who is suing whom in the telecom business. This just perfectly illustrates how stupid the whole patent system has become, I can only hope that this is the beginning of a self-destruction process. Unfortunately what will likely happen is that the big players settle with patent cross licensing deals instead.

Some more links which I found interesting/useful and relate to my last programming activities (albeit work related ones):