Some Random Thoughts

This week I have started an university preparation school, will see how this works out. But since I am working part time to earn a few bucks I will probably have less time to waste with fun things. Oh well.

I have done some improvements to dvtm which will lead to a 0.4 release pretty soon I hope.

Stumbled over these two window managers for Windows (no I don’t use it voluntarily - I have to at work) too bad there is no dwm windows port.

What else? I have read through the SQL Injection cheat sheet. At some point I would like to learn some assembly, maybe I should start reading Programming from the Ground? Before that I will take a look at some of the interesting presentations.

Some random blurb to recent news: Nokia bought Trolltech, don’t yet know what I should think about this one. Nokia supports software patents, is against OGG in the HTML5 spec, on the other hand they are involved in a few opensource projects. Their Maemo tablet device is based on a gtk+/pango/atk/cairo stack and now they are buying Qt, what does this mean for Qtopia? I hope they hold their promise, fortunately KDE is able to relicense Qt under a BSD-style license if development would be discontinued.

I personally hope that Rasterman who is now employed by OpenMoko will further advance the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries (EFL) to build a user interface for resource constrained mobile systems.

As a last thing I would like to say a few things regarding the possible overtake of Yahoo by Microsoft. So they finally acknowledge that MSN sucks and their whole Windows Live(tm) strategy failed. Not that I would care about Yahoo but what bothers me is that they seem to be somewhat opensource friendly. They are apparently running quite a few FreeBSD servers and use PHP for some of their services, they have even hired Rasmus Lerdorf the creator of PHP. Good luck to the poor soles who will have the migrate their infrastructure to MS technologies.