Status Update - Debug Board - 1024-Fix

Ok short status update for the qi-bootmenu thingy which I am playing around with (although I haven’t had much time recently).

I reduced the image size by disabling/removing the following components:

The resulting image (without the kernel) compiled with -Os is about 4.5MB large. This could be reduced by some 500K if evas could be compiled with -Os but this caused my elementary test application to segfault. In fact any optimization resulted in a segfault only -O0 worked. I will have to update to latest enlightenment svn and see if the problem is still reproducible.

Because it turned out to be rather difficult to debug a network setup problem without a working network I decided to buy a debug board. A serial console is a handy thing. Fortunately Telepixel GmbH which is located in Bern had the debug board on stock which meant I could pick it up from there.

On the hardware front, someone organized a professional #1024-fix for Switzerland which I am interested in because it doubles battery life.

So my next steps will be to make the USB network work in my image. For that I will need to integrate the kernel build (until now I have mainly just tested in a chroot environment). I also started with the bootmenu application but as I lack EFL knowledge I will have to spend some time changing that. And I should push my scripts + code to some public git repository.

On a completely unrelated note I got a few mails about dvtm recently. Someone suggested a keyboard multiplexing mode which could be used to control multiple applications at once. For SSH sessions it would be an interactive alternative to something like ssh-cluster. By now I have implemented it and should probably prepare a point release containing this new functionality.