Still Just a White Screen

As I mentioned in the last blog post recent svn versions of edje require Lua. The Lua build by default just creates a static liblua.a I wondered what the reason for this is. And it is once again libtool related. It seems like people who actually have kind of taste don’t want to use libtool. I am not yet sure whether building a shared variant is useful at all in my particular case because currently the only user is edje (for now I don’t install the Lua interpreter).

Posted my initial attempt at adding support for source control management systems to FWL. I don’t care about the actual implementation but the functionality should be available in one way or another.

Unfortunately my elementary test application still just shows a completely white screen. Ran the whole thing under strace to check whether it tries to open some thing which isn’t there, but saw nothing suspicious so far. Played a bit with fbset and /etc/fb.modes but no luck. I need to ping the enlightenment folks and finally post an RFC about the whole thing to the openmoko-devel list.